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Incense Tool Set (7)
Incense Tool Set (7)

Incense Tool Set (7)

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  • Sliver Leaf Tweezers 银叶夹 - used to pick-up silver leaf (mica sheets) to place over the ash in the incense pot
  • Incense Feather 香羽 - so named as traditionally this would have been feather tipped, used to dust off extraneously ashes from the pot and other tools
  • Secondary Ash Press 香押 - used to press down upon the ashes to easily create a evenly surface
  • Incense towel 香锦 - used to keep all tools clean and tidy, always placed with the open fold facing up so as to create the image of a man beading his knees towards the earth and his back bowing to the heavens (敬天敬地)
  • Incense shovel 香铲 - used to sweep incense powder into the incense press mold
  • Incense spoon 香匙 - used to scoop up incense powder and ashes
  • Incense chopsticks 香柱 - used to pick-up incense cones
  • Ash Press 灰侧 - used to mix the ashes and also press down to create an even surface (requires more skill to use)